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The Purpose


At age 25, I have constructed a new curriculum within my own life that has taught me so many life lessons. I like to call it "Breeze". I have a strong love for spiritual geomancy through physical life experiences. I love to connect the dots & make life make sense so people can go through life and challenges almost like it's a breeze. I like to make it easier cause life's already too hard. That's why I became Master High Priestess. The tarot deck has 22 Major Arcana cards that tie in with major events. These are the life lessons you learn in any new cycle for your spiritual growth & ascension. Overcoming these challenges gets you what you truly desire. It has an order to it like the calendar. Start to finish that speaks on all life experiences we may go through. Any new cycle you choose to have a leap of faith to go into will start you a new journey after completing a challenging one. Now you don't always have to go through every card to learn a lesson when you start a new cycle if you've taken notes and learned from the past. Sometimes its okay to go through the same life lessons over again but it shouldn't take the same amount of time when you are really learning and paying attention to your life experiences & patterns. Most people take over 5 years just to get through it once. Then they wonder why things haven't changed with their situation or themselves internally or physically. The difference is, I see the importance in it. Call me with ease cause I'll make it a breeze.

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