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At AllAboutOri, we take pride in helping people receive healing and closure through understanding the lessons their experiences bring. We offer general life reading services which focuses on unblocking your intuition, your Ori (Head) internally, making you confident enough to experience life without doubts or fears. We teach you how to stay in control of your life by removing who and what does not serve you along with following your intuition so you can truly know yourself from within. We give advice on what your Spirit Guides want you to know by them speaking to Tiory through her Clair Senses and tarot cards. You will leave a session knowing how to walk in a loving conscious, while healing and learning how to be your undeniable true self. You will understand why certain events and situations are taking place in your life as well as knowing how to deal with these life experiences so you don't repeat karmic cycles. We learn how not to fight our shadow but to be aware of it and train it through shadow work. We help you see & understand the power you carry within, and realize that the soul never dies & the journey never ends.
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